DRA Lands Protection

The woods, farms, and waters of the Damariscotta region are so essential to its economy and its way of life that it’s a temptation to think of them as permanent and unchanging, beyond harm’s reach.  Experiences of recent years warn otherwise.

     In the 20 years between 1970 and 1990, the population of the eight towns of the Damariscotta region grew by 48 percent, and that trend has continued to the present.  Today Lincoln County is among the fastest growing of Maine’s sixteen counties, with population and housing increases even more rapid in the coastal towns where DRA works.  It is a leap in growth that followed a century of stability, a hundred years of harmony between a people and a river.

     This current growth spurt, if unplanned, will endanger the water quality of the river and its fisheries, reduce scenic vistas, and threaten wildlife habitat.  Unmanaged growth will limit access to the land and water for those who turn to it for a livelihood or recreation.  The result would be the degradation of yet another coastal community, an all-too-familiar scene on the eastern seaboard.

     DRA currently holds 40 conservation easements on 1,362 acres and owns 33 properties encompassing more than 800 acres of preserved lands. In addition, the DRA assists in the stewardship and management of another twelve properties and 750 acres including Dodge Point. Overall, DRA is actively engaged in protecting 2900 acres and 22 miles of shoreline. Click here to see a map of public access points.

To speak with a member of our staff about conservation options for your land, including conservation easements, please contact us at (207) 563-1393.